Sunday, June 27, 2010

2nd Last Week BPS

it's week 12 @ DD only one to go..................

This is my Interpretation of a sketch designed by Beck Fleck

The title of this one below is meant to be 'Putting the perfect layout together' - i'm not real happy with it but thought i'd share anyway.

It's Jessiah nickname Feral - although he has improved with age . He even told me that Uncle Noel said he wasn't FERAL no more lol!

Last i wanted to share a pic of a little vistor that popped in to say hello last night - I got a bit close with the camera and he flew away scaring the S#@! out of me :-)

My mum is right into birds so i emailed her to ask what it was and here's her reply -

I think your owl is a junior Barking owl [Ninox connivens]. Large, bright yellow eyes. Almost no facial mask. Upperparts brownish-grey, coarsely spotted white. Flight feathers, tail, barred lighter. Underparts white, streaked brownish-grey. MALE larger. Size 40 cm. JUV. incomplete collar; flanks and breast have pattern like adults. Northern birds browner, darker, smaller. VOICE explosive, dog-like, double bark; wavering human-like scream; grating trill; various growls HABITAT forests, woodlands. Found all over Australia except deserts.

Take Care


  1. Loved your layouts, you are so clever with your embelishments.

  2. More beautiful work, and love your photo's Feral is so cute. You have good looking kids Rae.