Saturday, December 4, 2010

BPS with Nic Howard

It's been awhile since i last blogged fair bit going on this end and not enough time for this little black duck lol

I won't dribble on and get straight into it i have lots to share.

I'm doing another class with the legend 'Nic Howard' love her work and she has taught me heaps as i only tend to do layout's when doing one of her classes!!!

Maybe she will have to do more just to keep Rae producing LO's lol!!

Ok I'll start backwards here

Colour! Or is it Color?

Week #6 - Neutrals

Week #5 - Purple

Week #4 - Blue - Double Layout

Week #3 - Green

Week #2 - Orange

Week #1 - Red

Nearly all the goodies used can be found on my site if you would like to know anything imparticular please email me!!

Take Care

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  1. Wonderful class wasn't it??? You have done a sensational job with all of your layouts, they would look nice framed and put on the wall!!!