Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busting out with Clustering & Mustering by Rae

Slack with blog posts - OK yes but lots still going on here - Last week a huge spring-clean went down at my house, not quite  spring but a dry season-clean.  Even tackled the ironing pile which was just short of the roof - woo hoo.......... one does finally realise just how many pairs of jeans she has !
Over the last few months i have created some real treasures, oh OK what i think are real treasures and i am dying to share them, but can't just yet, why because i had a few moments (very silly one's i think) and thought oh I'll have ago at that and that. Don't like my chances but what do they say 'You have to be in it to win'. So we wait and wait - I'm not a good waiter at all so its doing my head in a bit but we still wait...................
I do however have these LO's to share - getting down with Clustering! Totally in love with this, love all the layers, and i thank Nic Howard for sharing her awesome talents and inspiring me, think i may even have another go today..................

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  1. RAE - these are awesome...don't we just love Miss Nic's approach. Waiting for summer break so I can kick it up into high gear!