Monday, March 15, 2010

March Newsletter

It’s March already—doesn’t time fly when your having fun. Unfortunately it hasn’t all been fun-fun-fun with  website issues, hopefully all is good now and my products just pop up before your eyes saying ‘Pick Me’ - ‘Pick Me’

‘For subscribers from afar’ - We are still experiencing the warm and humid weather following 425mls of rain last week, so if you get here quick you can still experience and get to love the ‘Wet Season”. Fish galore for the boys & quality Scrap’n time for us girls, and yes you can have the aircon on !!!

Hopefully you will have read some of my blogs including those about “Timmy” Tim Holtz of course. I am now taking pre-orders for some of these very exciting products.

Left the juicy bit till last just so you wouldn’t stop reading. Our German Scrap has finally arrived. Despite some hiccups with delivery it’s finally here and we have been frantically photographing it for you to see. Apologies for camera shake on some shots but was rather excited and it was hard to control my Excitement ….

I have still got some more to put onto the site when it arrives, but I thought I should get out what I have got to share with my subscribers. If the next consignment is as good as this, maybe more camera shakes and another letter.

Thank you for continuing to support Scrap Matrix and as always we welcome any feedback from you.

Stay safe, stay dry (haha) and Happy SCRAP’N

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