Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vicki's first post....

Okay, the time has come.... I have never blogged before, this is all new to me, and I guess I have put it off for long enough, maybe too long!

So... are you ready....... are you sitting down........

The web site will be going live tomorrow!!!!
That is what the web site people have told me and now that I have put it in writing, I will hold them to their promise! I am so sick of all the delays, I got to the stage where I didn't even believe it would happen!

Anyway, I hope you are still keen to see the 'new' site, and haven't given up on Scrap Matrix. There are sooooo many new products, the whole look is vastly different to the original, (but the quality and range is still fabulous) and, as promised the prices are still great!

There are still a few things that we will need to finalise  - and include - over the next week or so, and there may even be initial hiccups (I hope not!), but at long last.... we will be officially open for business!!!
Cheers, Vicki

Do I just do Save now, and it will appear on the Blog? here goes...
No, that didn't work....

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